Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Liberty Porter First Daughter

Dear Reader,

  Liberty Porter is a very spoiled. She lives in the white house with a chocolate room. Haven't you ever wanted to live in the white house? Well if you say no you never wanted to well this might change your mind.
  This book is about a girls dad that becoming president and they are going to live in the white house. But first they have to get there. But when they do Liberty had to take a tour with James. The first place they went was Liberty room. There was all Liberty stuffed dogs and also Franklin her real dog. Then there tour went on. They seen this class and they over heard one kid say Liberty is really spoiled. Then Liberty stepped up and said lets all go to may room and have ice cream, and that's what everyone did.
  This is a funny book that is realistic fiction. This book I could read over and over. I recommend this book to someone who likes funny books.This is the best book I ever read.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sailing Home on the Pink Fluffy Unicorn

Dear Journal,
  The captain finally decided that it was time to stop looking for gold and start heading home. We all where relieved he finally turned back. But before we can we have to do and 4 supplies check. We discovered weevils is our biscuits.  We started to realize that people started to steel are supplies Jack started to get ferrous, he said "Who is steeling the supplies it's going to be harder for me to steer the ship, we didn't have good supplies as it is." We all looked at each other, but no one said that they did it. Hours later someone I heard. LAAAAND HO! We all ran to the front of the ship. Was it home? Was it another land we can clam? We got closer he seen people and we heard people cheering. We were all happy we almost cried. Once we got closer to land we finally seen all the people where there when we left. Once we got to a stop some people came on to our ship and they went to see what it would be like.
  We were all happy that non of us got dysentery, typhus, or scurvy. We were on sea for 10 weeks. We all were happy to be alive. Because all we heard coming hear, with everyone dying. We showed every one what we found. After that we showed them the "Indians" so they would believe us that we were in India.

We Found Taino People

We seen land ahead of us we got closer and we got off the island and we went to go some people. We were walking for not that long. When we seen something move. Was it a person? Was it an animal? It was some Indians. We had a decision to make.
  1. We could try to trade beads and trinkets
  2. Try to ask them if their is gold or gems nearby
  3. Let them go on your ship
We decided to trade with them. They gave us several hammock, and brightly feathered parrot, and a necklace with a gold nugget on it. We also took some Indian to prove that we were here. The caption thought the Indians where hiding the gold. We all wanted to go home but someone said that they wanted to keep looking for gold. So we had to make a decision we had to make, we could keep looking for gold, or we can go home. We wanted to go home, but we failed to convenes the caption to go home. But finally we went home

Land Ho!


  We have been sailing for a long time. But we heard something it was a bird drift wood leaves and berries. We must be close to land. We all made a bet to who can find land first and who ever did would get $10,000 merevedis  . We all were pushing and shoving and then Tania said "I see it I see it. Its right there." As she said pointing in front of her. Then we said once we get back home the king and queen will give you the money.
  That night we couldn't sleep. We looked out at the sea and we seen something. It was land. We planted our flag. We seen some natives.

 We could..

  1. Get out our weapons 
  2. Try to talk with them
  3. Ignore the natives 
We were going talk to them. Before we left we grabbed some water and berries to stay alive to rest of the way to where ever.Then we started to sail again to where ever the sea takes us.