Tuesday, April 21, 2015

How much Fence do We Need for Our School Garden?

The Fence that could go around the Garden

Last year the 5th graders had planted sunflowers when the teachers came back from summer break the mowers had mowed down.

We are going to find a cheap fence that can last a long time and that can let the mowers and other people  know that there is something growing around the garden.

About the Fence
The fence costs $16.98 for 20 feet of 14 inch tall vinyl coated scroll top border. There is about 170 liner feet needed to fence the garden. We are going to need a total of 9 rolls of the 20ftx14 in. vinyl coated scroll top border fencing. That's going to cost about $152.82 plus tax. ($16.98 x 9)  You will have enough fencing for the garden and are going to have some extra for repairs.
The fencing I found was at The Home Depot. The fencing goes 1 1/2 feet out and around from the existing fence and the sunflowers will be planted  in between the fences.

About the Garden
Go here to see a easy picture of what the East Elementary Garden looks like. The garden is taken care of by Mrs. Vander Velde the 5th grade teacher. She takes very good care of the garden.




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