Monday, March 30, 2015

Flowering Plants

1. How do flowering plants reproduce?
2. What is the purpose of a seed's covering?
3. Where are flowering plants found?
4. How do animals interact with flowering plants to help them reproduce?

For a new seed to form, pollen from the stamen has to get carried to the pistil in another plant. The bee brushes against the anther. The anther gets a dusting of pollen on another flower the bee leaves some pollen, a pollen gran is collected by the pistil. The pollen gran goes down a thin tub to get to the ovule. Fertilization happens when the male pollen and female ovule combine the fertilized ovule becomes a seed and the seed becomes a new plant.  

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  1. Faith,
    I really like how you included new and different vocabulary, that is more challenging, and sounding grown up. I wonder why you chose not to add more information? Could you maybe take the essential questions away?