Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Liberty Porter First Daughter

Dear Reader,

  Liberty Porter is a very spoiled. She lives in the white house with a chocolate room. Haven't you ever wanted to live in the white house? Well if you say no you never wanted to well this might change your mind.
  This book is about a girls dad that becoming president and they are going to live in the white house. But first they have to get there. But when they do Liberty had to take a tour with James. The first place they went was Liberty room. There was all Liberty stuffed dogs and also Franklin her real dog. Then there tour went on. They seen this class and they over heard one kid say Liberty is really spoiled. Then Liberty stepped up and said lets all go to may room and have ice cream, and that's what everyone did.
  This is a funny book that is realistic fiction. This book I could read over and over. I recommend this book to someone who likes funny books.This is the best book I ever read.

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