Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sailing Home on the Pink Fluffy Unicorn

Dear Journal,
  The captain finally decided that it was time to stop looking for gold and start heading home. We all where relieved he finally turned back. But before we can we have to do and 4 supplies check. We discovered weevils is our biscuits.  We started to realize that people started to steel are supplies Jack started to get ferrous, he said "Who is steeling the supplies it's going to be harder for me to steer the ship, we didn't have good supplies as it is." We all looked at each other, but no one said that they did it. Hours later someone I heard. LAAAAND HO! We all ran to the front of the ship. Was it home? Was it another land we can clam? We got closer he seen people and we heard people cheering. We were all happy we almost cried. Once we got closer to land we finally seen all the people where there when we left. Once we got to a stop some people came on to our ship and they went to see what it would be like.
  We were all happy that non of us got dysentery, typhus, or scurvy. We were on sea for 10 weeks. We all were happy to be alive. Because all we heard coming hear, with everyone dying. We showed every one what we found. After that we showed them the "Indians" so they would believe us that we were in India.

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