Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Whats going to happen?

Dear journal,
  We have been on the ship for 5 weeks!
Early in the morning we had a supplies check, nothing happened. We were worried for a second but then that went a way, and we sailed on. Then the navigator said she seen something. We look forward we all seen it too. 
  Was it land? Was it a pirate? 
  It got closer then we seen it closer and closer, until be could see it. It was another ship. They started to say something but we couldn't hear them until  they got closer they said that their ship got separated for their crew and wanted to tell us that one of their crew remembers died. We all gasped we said sorry for your loss. Then we asked what was his name they said his name was Malachi. What did he get sick with? we asked. Scurvy. We gasped again. We may not live much longer Malachi was our surgeon. Then they said on another ship Amy and Jacob got sick with Dysentery. And on another ship Pedro also got sick with Dysentery. But all of them got saved by a crew member so they don't have it anymore. But it may back fire on them I don't know. Well by the said. Thanks for the information.
  We looked at each other and said we better be careful with disease coming.
  The next couple of days the captain has gone crazy. The ship crew said we must turn back. But first we had to see if anyone could convenes us before we took him in our own hands. And someone did. Then the crew journey went on.       

My Goals for the New Year

My Goals are...

  • I want to read more books
  • Get outside/ do stuff out of the house
  • Take responsibility for chores
  • I want to get better at typing faster
  •  I want to improve my writing

  In the new year 2015 I want to read more books.

  1. I want to get better on my reading because if I don't my reading scores go up. Also I want get in to good books that I enjoy not that I am forces to read. To help myself read more I can take time out of my art/crafting to read more. If you not read the teacher can tell when you don't.   

Monday, December 15, 2014

Sailing on the Pink Fluffy Unicorn for 4 weeks

Dear Journal,

  We have been traveling for 4 weeks i'm not sure about my crew but I getting tried. We have been traveling for 70-80 miles a day, but it feels like 90 miles.
  Our supplies is not bad yet but I shouldn't speak to soon.
  Tonight is very dark. We all are struggling to stay on our feet. We look over our ship their are waves almost going on our ship the helmsman looks a little worried  

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sailing on the Pink Fluffy Unicorn

Dear diary,

  We have been sailing for three weeks, and we don't have any weevils, but I shouldn't speak to soon.  
  I need to keep the Navigator (Tania) safe she is the best with common sense. Because I am the ships surgeon.
 Theirs only water and sun. I am starting to get tried of hearing the same thing every morning, afternoon, and at night. Today we had a supplies check, thank god me mad it safe.  We had to put a little bit of water on the floor of the Pink Fluffy Unicorn. Because it was starting to crack.
  We finally found some land we were on the island Azores island. Now we have a big dissension that we had to make. We could let the crew off the boat to sleep, and we can get in trouble, or we could keep sailing with mad crew members. We had to think for a while. Then we found our answer. We dissected that we were going to go with mad sailors. Because we would not want to get in trouble and not be able to explore their anymore.
  We have been sailing for three weeks now, and we are so hot we had another dissension that we had to make. Our first option was to have some of the crew get on the life boats and have them sail the boat until we find some wind coming, or we could keep sailing until we find wind.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Blog Challenge Number 1

A narrative non-ficion is a text that has no section headings, it has chaper titles, and it sounds like a story. A exposittory is a text that has section headings, lists of facts, and its about one topic.
     I know that because I learned it and then I explained it some more on here to help others.
     Some features I know are... a narrative non-ficion is a text that has section headings and chaper titles, these are the things I would notice. The things I would notice right away in a exposittory text is that there is headings, and facts.
     You would read each piece diffently because in a narrative non-ficion there might be a quotes from someone, and in a exposittory text there might be some things you might have to say diffently.