Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Personal Story

Ladies and Gentleman,

Here is a personal story about Cal-Wood

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We finally got off the long bus ride, I got my stuff, and I walked to the the circle. I was finally at Cal-Wood. I felt like I was on the bus for days, I also felt like I could not walk.  The teachers told us to sit down. When everyone got up there they told us what cabin we would go in. I felt scared it was the first time I been away from my mom and dad.
They said anywhere you go you have to have a buddy with you, but that buddy has to be in your cabin. They said “When you go to your cabin leave the bed that is closest to the door for your teacher.”They said “Sunshine,”The names were “Adisa, Faith, Amy, Michael, Taina, Brooklyn.” Me and Adisa looked at eachother and we smiled, and went to our cabin. We opened it. I was much different than I imagined. There was 5 bunk beds. We all chose our bed. Then we looked at the color on the side of the buck and, and then we looked at the dresser and we found our color and we put our clothes in them.
Adisa said “There should be the captains of the cabin, and that there should be a rule that we all have to leave at the same time.”
Then we got our lunch that the school us and we went to the playground and we ate. When we were done they said if you have any leftovers put it in this bin. They said after we are done eating we could play.
Then we went to the campfire circle and they told us the rules. First they made us guessed the schelde. Then they told us the scheld. It was...

1. wake up
2.hoppers go to the kitchen
2.everyone gets ready
3. we eat
4.go to our groups
5.B.O.B time (Bottom On Bunk)
6. cabin time
7.hoppers dinner time
9.night activity
10.lights out
Then they told us that bob time means bottom on bunk, not booger on buddy. Everyone laughed. Then they told us it was bob time. Then everyone went in to their cabin. When I went to our cabin me the all people in my cabin started talking. We got out of our beds then, the teacher came in and told us that we needed to stay in our bunks.
Then we heard screaming we all ran to the window. Then someone said that is was cabin time.
When I first heard cabin time I thought it meant you stay in the cabin, not that you get out of the cabin.
When they talked to us for a while about the rules and about what we were going to do at Cal-Wood.
We all said Ok. We rushed out the door and we went to the playground but we had to be with our buddy. Me and Adisa went to the wings and we were looking at the kids on the tire swing. We started to talk about how we can't go on a tire swing because we feel like we have to throw up.
Then we went to play horseshoe toss. Then after a couple rounds we got tired of playing.
Then we went to go play bean bag toss, but before we got started, we had to go to the circle. We quickly put the bean bag in the bin, and went to the circle. When we went to the circle and they told us what group we were going to be in. Then we ate dinner, we had spaghetti.
Then we went on the night hike.
They said that if you are in Eriks group you will be going to be with Emily.
We all followed her and she said “The place we are going is Eriks favorite place, and tomorrow you can tell him that we were at his favorite place.” Then we walked to a little cliff, and then she said her we are. She said to have a seat. We sat down and we looked at the sunset it looked cool. She said “This is the end of the Cal-Wood property.” Then we started walking back, when we were walking we found something and we asked what was it she said it was a part of her space ship. No one believed her. But we kept walking and then we stopped.
She said that we were going to play a quick game. She said it was called bats and trees. So how you play is there are going to be 4 mo  and one bat, and the rest are trees, she the the bat is going to say “Eco” and the moths are going to say “lactation”. Then she said who wants to be the bat. Abby raised her hand to be the bat. Then she picked 4 people to be the moths, and she said the rest of us will be the trees. The trees go around in a circle, but you can not move. We played a couple rounds, then we walked back to the cabins.
We all got dressed in to our pajamas. Then we laid down, and got into our sleeping bag. I was scared of being away from my mom and dad. I wanted to be with them. But also I need to give Cal-Wood a chance I told myself. I took a deep breath, I slowly closed my eyes, and tried to sleep. I tried not to think of my parents, but I could not get them out of my mind.
When I woke up I was fine and I was ready for all the other days. I was also happy that I slept one out of three nights. I was excited from the next couple days. But when it did I never wanted to leave Cal-Wood, I never wanted to leave all the nice people I meant, I never wanted to leave the happy memories.