Thursday, September 25, 2014

Earthquakkkkkkkkes and volcano's

Dear Readers,

     I want to tell you about what causes a earthquakes. They are caused when tectonic plates rub against or over lap  each other. That causes the shaking, the roads wave and the buildings start to sway. The reason the road starts saying because the magma under the road is moving so its making the road move.
     How do earthquakes change the surface of the Earth? They change it because it makes the streets crack. They make mountains.
     The damage earthquakes cause can be bad but the things they damage are houses, cars, buildings.
The Richter scale goes 10* stronger.

Richter Scale 
1- People can't feel
2-Tall buildings may sway 
3-No damage
4-Some damage to buildings
5-damage strong buildings 
6-Damage can spreed 100 miles
7-Very major earthquake
8-Building move in waves
9-Ground moves in waves

  Its impotent for people to learn about earthquakes, is because so they know what the causes are like if they feel or hear something and they can be like that sounds the a earthquakes I need to get some where safe.
  Earthquakes are most likely to occur is California.
  How are Tsunamis related to earthquakes, well earthquakes cause Tsunamis.

Did You Know
Did you know that an earthquake last very short but it causes lots of damage to houses buildings and cars. 
   Volcano's- Did you know that Hawaii is a volcano. Mount Staint Helen's erupted in 1980.


What is a volcano?
What determines the way a volcano erupts? Well it depends on how thick the magma is and how the tectonic plates intersect, and the amount of gas that is trapped under ground.   
How do scientists classify volcanoes? Flowing lava builds up in to new layers 
How do volcanoes change Earths surface? 



Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Brain

Dear reader,

About the brain and how it works

Why is the nervous system important?  Well its important because that's how you get messages to move your body.  The brain is the most important thing on your body.  The brain is important because it helps use survive.  If you flatten your brain its the size of a pillow case. I learned that the spinal cord does stuff before the brain can know what you are doing.  They way the brain gets messages to move it has to go in a pattern neuron to synapse until it gets where its the message needs to be. Their are three important things in your head they are the brain, spinal cord, and nerves.

Essential questions 

You have a billion neurons. How does the brain receive information out side the body?  By your scenes like your eyes, ears, mouth, noise, and skin. The way skin helps get information is cause you feel the heat or the coldness.

 How does the nervous system work with muscles? The brain sends messages through our body all the way to the muscle or muscles you want to move.

 How does the brain work with our involuntary muscles? Our brains send signals to our organs to keep them working with out use thinking about it, maybe not even know about it. Like our heart we can never tell your heart to stop or to go faster, the only way that the heart can stop is we you are having a hard a tack, and the only way that it go faster is if you get scared theses are the only time you can stop are make your heart go faster well you can't.

The brain

The brain is one of the most in portent thing in your body. The reason its important is because that's how you move and  learning ( witch you should know. ) The first most impotent thing is your heart. If you walk around your brain has to tell those muscles how they need to act.

Getting to know Nerves 

Running in a race and smelling a flower may seem like two very different things, we most people may think that but its not true. But anyway non of those things would be impossible to do with out your nervous. The nervous system sends the information  through the body. Like with the flower you can not see what it smells like with out your nerves. 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Soil Experiment

I observed its a mixture. Its a solid. The ''soil'' has chex-mix, and Skittles. There are 17 Skittles (5 green, 6 yellow, 3 red, 2 orange) 16 chex, 3 pretzel, 9 wavy bread things, and little mashed things.